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The consultation in 6 steps…

Step 1

Collect case history, listen to your needs:

The collection of information in order to better understand your health in general, the reason for consultation, your needs, expectations and other issues related to your health.

Step 2

Choose the evaluation methods best adapted to your state of health:

Our team of professionals then determines the appropriate tests to evaluate your state of health. A hospital gown will be available at your request.

Step 3

The physical exam, collect useful information:

By observing your posture and with the help of different tests, your therapist will evaluate the condition of your muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and viscera. He or she will then determine which of your body’s mechanisms have suffered the most following traumatic or emotional impacts, which cause you pain.

Step 4

The analysis, understanding what is important for your health:

The osteopath and the students will determine the priorities related to your state of health, establish an osteopathic diagnosis and plan the most appropriate treatment.

Step 5

Change for the treatment – bringing you a solution:

The student in charge will proceed to the treatment to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. The teacher will complete the treatment if need be to ensure you benefit from a complete and optimal treatment.

Step 6

Summary of treatment – advice for your wellbeing

After the treatment, your therapist will give you certain recommendations. He or she will teach you certain exercises to consolidate the treatment. He or she will advise you on certain life habits and your nutrition, as well as let you know if other treatments are necessary (frequency and number).

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