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Osteoarticular adjustment to a traumatic posterior right lesion of the sacrum

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Normalization of the cranial sphere

According to data found on Ostéopathie Québec’s website, several regions in Quebec suffer from a lack of osteopaths. Currently, more than two million osteopathic treatments are given in private practices each year and the number is only increasing. To meet this need, Quebec requires a greater number of qualified osteopaths. The college has an excellent reputation and both patients and institutions often request osteopaths that were trained by our school.

Quebec is also currently in the process of officially recognizing the profession. This step should open up new places of practice and promote work in multidisciplinary health teams.

In conclusion, the population’s appreciation for osteopathic care and the recognition of the profession will create an even greater increase in the demand for osteopaths, which suggests more than excellent employment prospects.

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