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Thank you for your interest in the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal.

Thank you for your interest in the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal. Founded in 1981, the CEO was the first osteopathic school in Canada. Traditional osteopathy, including cranial osteopathy, is taught here by osteopathic teachers, many of whom have over 20 years of experience. Our programs are based on the standards of the WHO (World Health Organisation). The college offers permanent premises: a library, a documentation center with 1200 books and 1000 theses, a video library to freely watch practical courses in osteopathy, which are all filmed, and an external clinic that dispenses 6000 treatments per year.

Please note that the programs given at the Montreal campus are offered exclusively in French. However, accommodation measures are available for English-speaking applicants with a strong grasp of the French language.

Full-time Program in Osteopathy

This comprehensive four-and-a-half-year program is intended for students without a university-level education in health sciences and therefore includes courses in anatomy, pathology, physiology (university-level), etc., as well as courses in osteopathy. This program includes 2130 course hours and 1000 hours of clinical experience. During the first three years, courses are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. For the following year and a half, courses take place two days a week. At this step of the program, two days per week are dedicated to practice, under the supervision of experienced osteopaths, in the CEO’s External Clinic. During your studies, you should expect one to two hours of study per hour spent in class.

Study Program in Osteopathy

This program is intended for professionals that have already graduated from a university-level program in health sciences (medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, veterinary medicine, athletic therapy, etc.). This program is concentrated on osteopathy courses since anatomy, physiology, pathology and embryology courses have been completed in prior studies.

The length of the program is five years. This includes seven seminars of five consecutive days (generally from Thursday to Monday) per year during the first three years and five seminars per year during the last two years. The seminars are given by subject (ex. Pelvis 1-2, Lumbar, Bladder, Kidneys, etc.) Normally, the first four days are focused on theory and practice; the fifth day is dedicated to integration. Clinical days under the supervision of experienced osteopaths are also part of the program.

Holders of DECs in Physical Rehabilitation (PRT), nursing, and acupuncture and holders of other university degrees in health sciences not listed in the admission criteria are also admissible under the condition that they complete the Complementary Education in Basic Health Sciences program (university-level courses).

Kinesiologists must complete two complementary education courses: Embryology (30 hours) and Orthopedic and Neurological Assessment (30 hours).

The Complementary Education in Basic Health Sciences program consists of 390 course hours (intended only for the applicants mentioned above) which will bring students up to the knowledge level required before integrating into the Study Program. Because students must complete 285 hours of complementary education before integrating into the Study Program, the College recommends students dedicate a year to their complementary education and finish their remaining courses during their first and/or second year in the Study Program. These courses are normally offered over the weekend.

Cycle 2

Students from both programs must afterwards complete a second cycle in order to receive the diploma in osteopathy (D.O. Qc) and be admitted to Ostéopathie Québec, the largest osteopathic association in Quebec. Lasting one and a half to two years, on a part-time basis, students have two options: they may write a thesis or they can complete an internship with an essay.

If you have any questions about the programs including tuition, please contact the admissions department.
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